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About Christoph Carr


I am a multi disciplinary conceptual artist in Brooklyn; photographer, emcee, instrumentalist, founder of Brooklyn Wildlife (an event planning/creative firm specializing in indie/alternative art and music) and co-founder/Creative Director of GAMBAZine . I am intrigued by the history of cultural expressions, power relationships, semiotics, post-modernist sociological theory and interpersonal dynamics; all of which find their way into my art work. The majority of my projects have the intent of challenging contemporary themes relating to normalcy, deviancy, tradition and alternative culture. I have thrown/planned 100s of events/live shows (not stopping) and will now also begin a new podcast series and internet content production studio.

The 1000 fan theory - ONE GOAL IS TO GET 1000 SUPPORTERS AT $10 A MONTH.
Its a simple idea that allows me to stay forced on what is important when it comes to communication, music and artistic exchange - the interpersonal connection. My art is one that requires input, involvement and engagement from the community, individuals and other artists that I encounter. I dont want to be behind a proverbial screen and just project things out into the world via the internet; I want to take this art and music directly to people - via public performance, house shows, non traditional venues and doing my best to make every show unique and one of a kind. 100% for 1 person or a 1000.

In the time of spotify and youtube and etc - everybody is concerned with likes, follows, streams, and views - for what - because it seems like a lot of people are into your work, or you have finally been recognized by a large number of people - OK. and what… how is that fulfilling, are those people coming to shows, are they getting involved in the online conversations, are they coming to your house on the weekend and talking about frustrations as a teenager and learning about ones self identity - is it a personal connection or one that is fleeting or just due to convenience. I lost the drive to appeal to likes or follows or anything like that. I want to focus on meeting 1000 people in the next year or two and have personal, real, moments with them - sharing art, talking philosophy, making music, hosting shows - there are an infinite number of manifestations of this idea - but i am starting with 1000 people.

I am a hyper creative juggernaut.
One of the only rappers that never sold out.
20 years in music - has toured more than half the USA, has performed in over six countries. Went viral in with an online video expressing disgust about the level of police brutality in our communities.
co - founder of Brooklyn wildlife
Lyrics infused with hope, cynicism, love, passion, nihilism, questions about self identity as a black male, Social inequality and interstellar metaphysical quandary.
The music is self Produced - Ambient, droney, and a reflection of the post modernist, mechanicaland wireless age in which we live.
no labels. all indie

Thoughts of an Angry Black Man (unreleased)
100 poems (unreleased)
featured in GambaZine

soloist/vocalist/ poet<wbr>anarchy-rap
instrumentalist - solo project<wbr>anarchy-rap/nuclear-histor...
Project Lumens - duo with Aaron Watkins - experimental hip hop<wbr>album/project-lumens-...
Rosetta Stoned - Duo with Mental Stamina - progressive Hip Hop
Watercolor - Duo with Keith Ley - boom bap hip hop
Low Wave - Duo with No Surrender - synthwave / ambiant
Parnhash and Coe - Duo with Alex Coe - acoustic hip hop<wbr>v=qs52GXLoyMk
Event Planner/Curator - since 2005
100s of shows a year the last 3 years
http://eatthecakenyc.viewbook.<wbr>com - corporate portfolio - fine art (nudes) - <wbr>event photography

Gamba/ Gamba Forest - event space and educational/artist hub
[email protected] on instagram
I co run a 1200 square ft industrial artspace in Greenpoint with the purpose of providing a platform and space for voices that have been traditionally marginalized and underrepresented. It is also the hub of our literary magazine/publishing component, with weekly open mics, workshops, discussions and live events.

Activist/Thinker - I am here to rehumanize - anti capitalist, anti corporate. pro people.
Open Letter to White People<wbr>the-parnhash-manifesto...
Video about Police Brutality<wbr>2016/7/8/bushwick-artis... (<wbr>over 1 million views)

Not Radio/Who said what first - beginning podcast and media platform
Our new online program that will feature conversations taken from facebook and brought into a live discussion forum as well as interviews with notable guests, performances, and original content/programming. We

For the last 12 years I have been creating a non centralized, non institutionalized, educational platform for artists and creatives to learn, gain practical experience and have access to a community of passionate individuals (predominantly adults). Each person involved, chooses to be involved and remains involved only as long as they feel it is rewarding, there is no mission statement, there are no dues or tuition costs, there is no permanent location or campus. Each person teaches and learns from the other creatives working collectively - what connects us is being indie, sustainable and authentic. It is an attempt to recontextualize and reformat how we learn, what we learn and why we learn, who we learn from and build this rubric and structure ourselves from the inside, based on what is necessary for us and our community. Recently, feeling the need to be more involved in structured educational settings, i have been volunteering at a high school in Brooklyn that is considered a "failing school" and many of the students have IEPs, have been labeled emotionally disturbed and "underperform". When I go into that school, I dont see people that cant learn, I see amazing minds and young people with infinite potential, but they are trapped in a building being forced to learn information that the department of education is imposing and being forced to behave in a manner that is not consistent with their lives. We have to upset the system. With the help of Melissa Hunter Gurney (Master Teacher), we are developing "Curate the Classroom" - in which we are developing carricula, syllibi and a series of discussions In an effort to inspire critical thinking, self esteem, a sense of pride in being an academic, and a pragmatic approach to the purpose of education and the benefits of education for both educators and students.

I have a lot on my mind and a lot of ideas - I need to have time to think - which means I do not have time to work for other people. I am willing to work my ass off for the things listed above and with like-minded people.
15 of 20 patrons
My next goal is to reach 20 patrons. When i reach this next goal, i will create an original video with a special poem/musical performance for all of the people that have supported.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 88 exclusive posts
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