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Love across the ether and our heartfelt thanks!

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Access to the hidden behind the scenes in-progress pages for the Bone Poets / Christopher Bingham sessions. If you like to listen to things as they progress, hear the mistakes and explore how a song is built, this is the way we do it.

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For $100 I'll make a birthday / anniversary / event video for you or a friend, of me playing one of our songs with a message. We'll figure out which song together - some of them just don't work with me and solo guitar.




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About Christopher Bingham

I write music that celebrates the natural world, through a slightly psychedelic lens. I started a band in 1997 called Gaia Consort and we morphed into Bone Poets Orchestra. All of my ten released cds have been outside the label system. I've been writing music since 1976. We started our own Adopt-A-Song plan in 1992 and people along the way have seen fit to allow me to make ten cds. It's always my hope that what we do is adding something to the soundtrack of people's lives, the way so many great musicians have added to mine.

We've just finished the last record, called "Tastes Better When You Share". It's ended up as a six song EP, and I'm pretty proud.  It's probably our last cd, since very few people are buying the shiny discs anymore. My focus will move toward making videos of what we have already done.  Looking at 60, I have some life goals I'd like to meet, while I can, as well as record compositions outside the scope of the band - including orchestral pieces,  and to use the basic tracks that we already have to make instrumental versions.

Every penny makes a difference in our ability to keep things going. The music business has changed - it may no longer be possible to eke out a living like we used to. Your contributions allow us to make music that otherwise, probably wouldn't see the light of day. 

Depending on the arrangement, it usually costs me about $1,200 to record a song. I've been really fortunate to work with outstanding, world class musicians over the over the years. I put all my music up on the website for free, in mp3 format. You can hear it at

The best way to see if you think this music is worth supporting, is to go have a listen - either on the front page video, or at the website. In any case, enjoy the wonders!
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We just released this year's album called Edge of the Western World. I'm excited about it, and also excited to turn some of the vocal pieces into instrumentals to get them into films.
$500  would pay for using existing tracks on one song, and re-mixing. For instance, replacing vocals with a great horn or violin part.

Art only happens between people. Join us and make it happen!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 13 exclusive posts

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