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This is your way of saying, "You just keep doing you, Chris." When you see me at events, walk up to me with the Vulcan (or Vuelcan?) salute and immediately receive a heartfelt handshake (or giant hug if you're a hugger - I'll follow your lead).
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You're not just making it happen. You can be a part of it. By request of any $10+ patron, I'll host up to 2 video Q&As per week, just for supporters like you. You can hear about the status of projects, news and views from the core team, and make suggestions about where I should focus my energies. To request a live Q&A, just message me through Patreon with your availability for the next week and we'll make it happen. 😊 

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This is roughly the average hourly rate for a junior web developer in the United States. If you earn your living with Vue and feel I've saved you at least an hour per month on average, this is a great way to help me save you even more time.




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Hi, I'm Chris. 😊

If you're here, thank you! Whether or not you decide to donate, you're taking the initiative, researching how to support the work you love. Open source needs people like you. 🙏🏻

I'm an educator/enginner hybrid, Vue consultant, and member of the Vue team. This page is to support my work to create free resources on GitHub and Slides, plus giving talks, to help developers around the world learn more about Vue and the web, and build incredible applications.


Does the "v" in chrisvfritz really stand for Vue?

Uh, sure! But no, not really. 😛

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This is the minimum I'll need to make Vue 80% of my work, beyond the free time I already dedicate to it.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 49 exclusive posts

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