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About Chris Fritz

If you're here, thank you! Whether or not you decide to donate, you're taking the initiative, researching how to support the work you love. Open source needs people like you. 🙏🏻

Now, you're probably familiar with some of my work on the Vue core docs, style guide, ESLint plugin, migration guide and helper, my enterprise boilerplate, among many other projects and even behind-the-scenes work you never see, such as helping to organize global Vue events and collaborating with other communities to improve support/integration with Vue.

The overall theme: making your job easier and more fun through education, outreach, and tooling. And I love this work. The problem is, it's really hard to keep up - and most projects can't be done well in my spare time on nights and weekends. Believe me, I've tried! They require dedicated, consecutive days and often weeks of work.

Unfortunately, 80% of my time is taken up by consulting to pay the bills. I'd like to flip that to 80% Vue, 20% consulting, giving me more time to improve your life, but still maintaining practice building real apps with a wide variety of teams so that I don't lose touch.

Big Projects

There are a lot of little things I'd like to do with more Vue time, but here are some of the bigger projects that will only ever happen when I can spend more of my time on Vue:

  • Reorganize the huge Components page into several pages, making it easier to grasp the Essentials, while providing improved examples and deeper dives into each major feature. PUBLISHED 2018-03-26
  • Provide deeper dives into topics such as component organization, advanced composition, and some powerful component patterns.
  • Rewrite the Vuex docs/examples with the same love that I've given the core docs.
  • Rewrite the Vue Router docs/examples with the same love that I've given the core docs.
  • Research and possibly build a new solution for organizing non-core docs, replacing GitBook and offering a more interactive documentation experience (e.g. switching between ES5/ES2015/TypeScript examples, embedded live playgrounds, etc). Eventually, this may replace Hexo for the core docs as well.
  • Provide even better integration for the ESLint plugin and style guide, while further developing both.
  • Review and write more recipes for our in-progress cookbook.
  • Help coordinate more Vue events around the world and collaborate more closely with local meetups to help them succeed.
  • Continue to explore and define the best patterns and tooling possible for building Vue apps in my enterprise boilerplate, using that experience to realize new features for the ESLint plugin, CLI, Vetur, and other tools in the ecosystem.


Vue has an Open Collective. Why don't you take funds from there?

Great question! Vue uses funds from the Open Collective to reimburse team expenses and give back to the community, e.g. with stipends to Vue meetups. In the future, Open Collective may also be used to provide "grants" to contributors for work on well-defined projects with clear deliverables. However, this won't be meant to provide a reliable income stream. It also won't be a good fit for the continuous maintenance, experimentation, communication, and collaboration that is such a huge part of my work. So to actually pull back on client work and commit to reserving more time for Vue, funds need to come directly from the community.

Does the "v" in chrisvfritz really stand for Vue?

Uh, sure! But no, not really. 😛

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This is the minimum I'll need to make Vue 80% of my work, beyond the free time I already dedicate to it.
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