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How's that for power?
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*oh, btw, I'm currently revamping the shop, but it'll be fighting fit again very soon.




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About Christopher Winchester

Coming January 30th, 2019: RESCUED BY EAGLES!
The ultimate music video of the Esgaroth Three Trilogy. (In which The Beatles collide with Middle Earth. But are rescued by eagles.)

Under development... New web video channel GreenoScreeno, a collaboration with award-winning Kiwi-American writer/performer René Le Bas.  We're currently in pre-production on our first mini-show: GreenoScreeno Presents... Bunker, a bleak satirical two-man sitcom set underneath the near-future USA. René and I previously worked together on his webseries sitcom pilot Quiz Boy.

But first...

Thank you, thank you,
and also thank you for visiting me here on Patreon. I'd be fascinated to know how you got here if you'd like to leave a comment.

I write, film, and record, and occasionally design, things that I hope will be entertaining. Sometimes I'm quite good at it. (I say that because quite a few people have said I am, and sometimes I'm quite proud of what I've done.) Often I'm terrible at it, but then I try not to put that stuff up on the Internet...

What things? Often funny or whimsical, or satirical, sometimes musical; sometimes whopping great videos that take months to produce and sometimes little haiku-shaped verses that I flip off in a few minutes. There are even books in the works, and at least one fledgeling animated show.
Here are all the silly videos my wonderful Per Video Patrons have helped my create so far:
Who The 'Ell Is Tauriel?,
Dwarf On A Pig,
Friend Of Dorothy,
Gandalf Sings! Glad To Be Grey,
Appendix (Extras' Lament)
and the particularly silly bonus feature:
Gimme a Gay Garden

Who The 'Ell Is Tauriel? was been described as "drolly trollish" by BBC America. "brilliant" and "hilarious" by SciFiNow magazine, and "delightfully nerdy" on To date, my YouTube music video channel has had over 50,000 views! 

Who do I make things for? You, hopefully, or people you know. Sometimes for wise children; sometimes for childish grownups. Niche things for freaky geeks, grim political satire for green-left-liberal emotional masochists, or stuff that's much more broad.

It's hard to tie me down to just one genre or audience, which is one reason I need your help and indulgence.

With your support I can have the creative freedom to let my imagination go places where only it can, and the time and physical resources to take my musings and make them into Real Stuff that people like you can enjoy on the Internet and beyond.

For example, making funny music videos is very time and money intensive (even low budget ones!), and having financial support from my Patreon family has helped me enormously with this in the past. On my first Patreon page* I asked if supporters could pledge a contribution per video I made, and the backing I had was just brilliant. But what I learned is that in between releasing videos not having a steady creative income stream could make it difficult to make steady creative progress. Also, I do a lot more than just making videos -- in particular I'm currently writing a short series of fantasy books entirely in verse -- and such things were taking me away from the work that could bring in a little money.

When I'm not actively creating for myself (and you) I take occasional professional screen and voice acting jobs, tutor local school students (and sometimes international students via Skype), and at Christmas I step into the role of Santa in my local community. In the past I worked full-time office jobs, but after developing fibromyalgia I found a traditional work pattern couldn't work any more for me. This was both scary, as it drastically hit my income, and liberating as it opened up possibilities for more time-flexible and creative activities, and work where I could better express my real talents. There aren't many opportunities to dress up as a Hobbit and play a cutout guitar for laughs in the average office.

So there you go. A bit about me.

If you look at the rewards and goals sections you can find out more about what treats you can get in return for your support, and some of the things I hope to be able to do practically with your patronage. Thanks for considering backing my work. I hope you can.

Thanks again, and much love

(* Please note: my original "contribute per video" page is still online -- you can see it at, but I'm not promoting it any more. I'll be posting all future updates here. If you're an existing "per video" supporter, do consider switching to monthly so you can receive insider information and other rewards! Thanks.)
$44.23 of $50 per month
This is very dull... but $50 a month will cover the cost of my online accounting package so I have more time to spend on creative work rather than fretting over out how to complete my tax returns! Oh, the joys of creative self-employment...
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 68 exclusive posts
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 68 exclusive posts
Audio releases

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