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Chromeworks is a teacher-led initiative aimed at giving children the skills they need to become digital creators rather than passive consumers. Our free technology lessons, which air weekly on YouTube, have attracted a growing audience of code-crazy kids from three continents.

Chromeworks was founded in 2016 by maverick Ottawa elementary school teacher Andrew Tomec. Frustrated with the slow rollout of technology in the schools where he taught, Mr. Tomec used his own money to buy a classroom set of Chromebook computers, which he's so-far deployed in classrooms at 22 local elementary schools, offering no-cost lessons in coding, stop-motion animation, film production, digital art and music to thousands of kids.

Among other charitable projects, last year Mr. T founded Pico's Place, a free computer club geared towards kids on the autism spectrum. "Many children on the spectrum have aptitudes uniquely adapted to working in the rules-based, procedural world of coding," he observes "Many of these kids struggle with regular school work, but they're superstars in coding."

When Mr. T's teaching work was sidelined due to the COVID-19 crisis, he quickly pivoted to teaching in the online space. In mId-March, while mainstream school officials were still struggling to wrap their heads around remote learning, he launched his online classroom on YouTube, offering free daily live streamed coding lessons to kids around the world. He quickly picked up a devoted audience of kids from across Canada and as far away as the UK, Italy and Morocco. In addition to his daily lessons, Mr. T also runs a free online community, hosted via the Discord communications app, where COVID-isolated children can gather to collaborate on coding projects, socialize, and seek individual help and coaching.

Grateful parents say Mr. T's daily lessons were a lifeline at a time when their children were torn from their regular routines and isolated from each other. "I can’t thank you enough for providing this learning opportunity for my son," says one grateful mom.

After 3 months of uninterrupted weekday live streams, Mr. T has retooled his program to a more sustainable weekly broadcast that airs on Saturdays at 10am Eastern.


"My goal all along has been to turn my lifelong passion for coding and game design into a sustainable career. I'd like to continue building my online library of free content, but to make this project sustainable, I need to earn income for my family. At present I'm offering paid virtual camps to my students as a means of earning summer income, but my longer-term goal is to switch to a donation-based model where I'm doing multiple live streams as well as coaching and teaching small groups of kids online.

"I also need to raise funds for equipment. My 25 chromebooks, which are the heart of my in-person teaching practice, are nearing the end of their useful lives and will need replacement soon. I've already taught coding to thousands of children, but there's a lot of work yet to do."

"I've done all I can with my own limited funds, but if I'm going to continue this important work, I need help.:
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