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CoPilots are essential for drone operations around the world. They standby and make sure that an operation can move forward without hiccups. By becoming a Chromodrone Patreon-enabled CoPilot you're ensuring that the content and products we continue to produce can move forward without as many bumps in the road.

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Pilots call the shots for every operation! They are essential in making sure that the planning and execution runs smoothly! Once a month a video newsletter will be shared only with our pilots containing exclusive updates to our company, the work we're performing, and other happenings in the drone industry as they relate to the projects at Chromodrone.




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Chromodrone uses drones and technology to create photos and videos.
Chromodrone creates photos and videos for people and businesses, specializing in the use of drones. Local to Jacksonville, Florida, Chromodrone has produced content for locals such as 1st Place Sports Running,, Aqua East Surf Shop, Right Whale Fest, St. Johns Riverkeeper, Greenscape, marching band competitions and realtors.
A Better Way to View the World is a better way to view the world. Period. It's a fact. Don't believe us? Zoom as far in on Google Maps as you want and let us know how clear you can see the ground. Clear enough for you? Maybe it is, but now wonder when that photo was taken. Chromodrone's Drone Map provides a more real-time look at every corner of the Earth through crowd-sourced drone footage. And we can do it better and faster with your help!
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Our team is hard at work providing you the world's best map. Along with that service we're contstantly providing affordable photo and video services to local clients, YouTube content for like-minded creators and lovers of drones, custom canvases for businesses and people and more! Through your support, we can continue to devote our time to providing our 'free' and reduced-cost services such as our informative YouTube channel!

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