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About Chronas

What is Chronas?

Chronas is a history map application with over 50 million data points which every registered user can curate and contribute to.

It may be described as a mix of Open Street Map, Wikipedia and Google Earth. It maps 4000 years of historic rulers (polictical entities), cultures, and religions on a map linking to related Wikipedia articles as well as various kinds of different markers such as people, battles, cities, castles etc.

All of those can be linked to express a relation to each other (for example linking the siege of a city to the specific city marker). Other kinds of media such as videos, images or podcasts can be linked  as well to create an even bigger knowledge web. Users can rate, edit and add new markers, area entities or media items and create links all tracked by a revision history system. They can also ask questions on specific articles and create article collections (called Epics) on major topics such as wars or explorations (all area entities are on default Epics).

Watch the basic features movie to see it in action or try it out yourself at
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Professional server setup with memory tuned instances for the database and CPU tuned instances for API and frontend servers which will drastically increase performance and support a lot more concurrent users.
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