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About Chronically Chill

What is "chronic chillness?"
Chronic Chillness is a state of thriving regardless of whatever biological, emotional, psychological, or existential fuckery is trying to sabotage your thrive.

Isn't that for rich people and cedarwood wearing hippies?
I mean, yeah, but it doesn't have to be. Chronic Chillness is also attainable for:
* chronic illness patients
* patients with reversible acquired illnesses
* folks who hurt all over and don't know why 
* high-performance-and-even-higher-stress human beings
* trauma survivors
* starving artists who destroy their bodies and minds to make things
* compulsive caretakers
* recovering codependents
* under appreciated parents
* young adults who need help because their parents earned that under appreciation 
* people who suck at meditation
* people who want to eat healthy but also don't
* people who have a contentious relationship with movement and exercise 
* and all the other misfits you'll find on The Island of Broken Toys! 

When we stop believing what our negative doctor (or toxic ex, or toxic boss, or well-meaning but totally underinformed families, etc.) says we "cant" or "will never" do, and start working daily with the numerous evidence-based tools we DO have, chronic chillness is easy to maintain. 

That sounds like woo-woo nonsense.
Okay, yes. But also no. Just keep reading.  

So who's the androgynous girl in the photo?
That would be Kimberly, F.M.H.C., rare disease patient, gut restoration disciple, adaptive/para jiu-jitsu athlete, recovering journalist, and overall nerd. Kimberly has spent 3+ decades in a body that is literally a dumpster fire--picture feeding tubes and life support--thanks to some mutant genes which did NOT give her super powers. A survivor of multiple organ failure, she's called some of the best and worst hospitals in North America home, and discovered that even at the highest level "Quality of Life" is not part of any treatment plan despite how much Quality of Life actually matters know, the living? Eventually, she stopped putting thriving in the hands of lab-coated men with no health problems and no understanding of her specific body or mind.

After being discharged from Cleveland Clinic, Kimberly threw herself into school for integrative and functional medicine, read PubMed and medical journals the way kids read Harry Potter novels, investigated the habits of some of the most resilient people on earth, dove deep into polyvagal theory, connected with compassionate surgeons in Japan and ancestral healers in Mexico, and started getting better. Symptoms which had been present since childhood, including dysautonomia and IBD, improved or disappeared. She dropped from 22 medications daily to just 3. (Medications currently taken: One prokinetic, one immune system modulator, and one SSRN which down-regulates damaged nerves in my ENS. Chronically Chill feels transparency is ethical, y'all.)

Kimberly went from being a full-time bedridden patient to a person skilled at dumpster firefighting. In 2018, she started helping other people piece together what combination of things works for them the same way. A martial artist, she also helps strengthen and heal the bodies of competitive fighters at New Orleans' NOLA MMA. 

Is she cured? 
Nope, never will be. Which is totally okay, since she was born this way and being "cured" could mean no longer being who she has been her whole life. Besides, patients don't have to be cured to be well, or to thrive. They just need to get better than they currently are and experience a higher quality of daily life. 

What do I get if I support Kimberly not being homeless through this page?
Chronically Chill helps patrons curate their own evidence-based health, symptom management, and recovery interventions. Using a combination of dark humor, functional nutrition, practical positive psychology, sports science, mindfulness, breathwork, bodywork, radical acceptance, client support sessions, and #realtalk common sense, patronage means having access to the kind of support and assistance the superrich hire without having to be affluent. Chronically Chill also empowers patrons via direct community so new health interventions remain long term successes. All patrons help dictate what Kimberly researches, writes about, explains, interview healers abouts, and seeks treatment interventions for. For those who need it, one-on-one coaching is also available so that living well--or starting too--isn't so isolating or overwhelming.  

What health issues does Chronically Chill focus on? 
What ails you? But, more generally, content and conversation tend to focus on how to be:
* less stressed
* less inflamed
* less anxious
* less pained
* less depressed
* less overwhelmed 
* less unable to digest anything properly 
* less broke from medical bills
* less likely to fail at making necessary changes
* less bulldozed by doctors who are overprescribing and under-listening 
* less chronically ill and more chronically chill

Can you define "content?"
Think: Pep talks for cynics who hate pep talks but need pep talks, workouts created for people with differently abled bodies, workouts for people with perfectly able bodies that have a specific goal, recipes that heal the body and mind but don't taste like animal feed, breakdowns and updates on medical studies you're too busy to read but should know about, live support group meetups, interviews with expert practitioners and healers, survivor stories from inspirational human beings, science-based tips for functioning better in a dysfunctional time, and helping navigating topics like "what the hell even is a FODMAP" or "my doctor says there's nothing they can do," If you schedule a one-on-one coaching, expect functional coaching sessions with a practitioner who knows what it is like to be both a patient and a clinician.

There will also probably be more than a few photos or videos of Kimberly's disabled rescued monster dog, Poet. His antics positively modulate immune function and dopamine production, so it's relevant.  

For additional information, watch the video. Alternatively, stalk Kimberly online via Facebook or Instagram @kimberly_kaye. 
60 - reached! patrons
At 60 patrons I'll finally be able to afford a real camera and editing program so that the content going up here isn't filmed on a phone and looks slicker than a crossfitter covered in extra virgin cold pressed coconut oil. 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 63 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 63 exclusive posts

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