Amy Faigin is creating Comic books, video games and stuff in between.

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A warm fuzzy feeling!

$3 /mo
Special Secret Fanclub Membership!  Pledging $3.00 or more a month will give you access to my livestreams and special downloads.

$5 /mo
Early backers get a limited edition postcard, signed and numbered, of the opening show illustration. As well as full access to livestreams, downloads and a PDF of the art book.

$5 /mo
VIP Fanclub Membership!  Pledge $5.00 or more and you'll have access to the livestreams and downloads, plus a PDF download of the artbook.

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Gold Member!  Pledging $15.00 or more a month and you'll get full access to the livestreams, a pdf of the art book, as well as a patron exclusive thank you post card with a different piece of art o...

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Do you like the cover image? Want a copy of it to hang on your wall and look at with your eyes? Early backers can get a 13x19 high quality glossy print to do just that with.