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About Chronos

Hello everyone and welcome to my Patreon page! 

Probably the most original intro to an about section on Patreon. So why a patreon? I have said in the past when asked about patreon, I would only have one if I was doing Youtube/Content Creation full time. Well In August  2018 my life changed pretty unexpectedly and because of this my career plans took a big change in course. Though the main focus of my life right now has become taking care of my mom,  it has allowed me more opportunity to work on my youtube channel and twitch streaming. However due to that, I do not have the funds to regularly update and/or replace broken equipment. 

So here we are! Rewards may change over time, though only added to and never taken away (unless it is beyond my control). Since there is only one tier right now, I don't think that will be an issue. Being said, I might add more tiers later if an idea of a good reward strike me. 

And just to clarify, my content will never be locked behind some sort of pay wall or whatever. It will always be free to view. I love making this stuff and I want people to see it.

*Another clarifying comment: When you pledge, you get charged immediately and then its the first of every month. So maybe wait until the 1st to sign up if you want to? I can't turn this off, which is my bad*

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