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Hi, thanks for donating! $1 a month easily covers a month of the Chrono Stars domain name or a portion of the wiki host. If you want to donate more than a dollar, feel free to hit the Custom Pledge button instead of this one after selecting "Become a Patron".




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About Jude

Hey, welcome to the Chrono Stars Patreon page! This is a page meant to facilitate monthly donations, no matter how small, to maintain the upkeep of costs relating to running the collection of tabletop games called Chrono Stars, which includes paying for web host services and buying game content to make the games the best they can be. The reality is that Chrono Stars has long outgrown its origins as a small gaggle of goons playing D&D and keeping track of their character sheets on a blog post. It now needs services like dedicated Wiki hosting to hold the information that makes the game what it is, and you get what you pay for with those services. As such, money needs to be put down for these services.

Some notes about how this money will be used and this Patreon in general:

  1. 100% of all money will go back into the game. Anything that exceeds the expected cost of web hosting Chrono Stars will go into things such as map assets, music assets, and content generation.
  2. Nobody will receive anything special for donating. This is essentially crowdfunding costs related to the game. At most, you might get a warm fuzzy feeling of helping me out and keeping the game in a pristine condition for everyone to enjoy.
  3. By "Chrono Stars," this applies to all games underneath the Chrono Stars umbrella. Games set in other galaxies or other Ealdremen games, even if they're not run by me, will benefit from any money put towards Chrono Stars in general. Most obviously, they will be joined to the Chrono Stars Wiki's new host, and they will also receive things like PDFs of published content for their game or programs to facilitate dungeon or map creation.
  4. Blog posts will be curated monthly as a breakdown of where every dollar of Patreon money is going. There will be complete transparency about where the money is going since this is, again, crowdfunding costs for something that numerous people enjoy and engage in.
  5. You do not need to donate to this. You are not expected to donate. Chrono Stars is still free and will forever be free. I am not profiting off of Chrono Stars, and Chrono Stars will not die if you have to pull your monthly donation or never donate at all. This is simply to allow people who want to contribute to do so and essentially cut down costs associated with the game.
With that in mind, if you want to donate a dollar or two to the upkeep of Chrono Stars, you are more than welcome to do so.
$20 – reached! per month
This is a point where we can regularly buy PDFs to supply new game content, especially for Daydream campaigns that may test other systems. Supplying new game content is especially important for games that do not run in open-source systems such as 4e, 5e, and most non-D&D systems. This money can also go towards buying maps, software, and music that makes the games work as games. With a bit of extra money, new materials can be purchased for everyone running games or creating characters in Chrono Stars.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post