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I have no tiers. I value all givers equally, and I'll give equally to all.
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I have no tiers. I value all givers equally, and I'll give equally to all.




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Although I’ve known about Patreon for a while, and have many friends and peers who’ve urged me to set up a site, it took me a while to get comfortable with the idea. Maybe I didn’t quite understand it. But you’ve taught me a lot, especially lately, and now I do understand.

I’ve spent the past 29 years on the road making music. It’s been awesome. I can’t wait until I get to do it again someday. I’ve met so many angels along the way. I would never have made it this far had it not been for their kindnesses, in so many ways, small and large. And I can’t begin to tell you how much joy it’s given me to know I’m loved. That’s what has always sustained me. This pause has given me time to reflect on that, and now I get it. People truly WANT to support their favorite musicians. Especially in these uncertain times. I’m truly honored to be among anybody’s favorites, and I DO accept that you might want to support me so I can continue making music.
And so I accept, with sincere gratitude, if it’s your wish to help keep me going.

Music has become very patron based since the days when I first started out. I suppose it’s sort of a return to how things might’ve been a few hundred years ago for classical musicians. Hosting or attending house concerts, contributing towards crowdfunded CD projects, buying extra CDs as gifts, or offering a meal and a bed for the night when we’re passing through your neck of the woods, are just a few of ways folks like you have already been making a huge difference in the lives of musicians like me.

The music business has changed to the point that I’m really not even in it. I just make my own way. If you want me to come sing somewhere, get in touch and we can talk about it. As CDs become obsolete, the means to sell my own music and profit from it is disappearing. And now the coronavirus has caused complete cancellation for the time being of my only real means of earning income, which is touring and playing shows.

So it seems like the right time to launch a Patreon page, because I know there are a lot of you out there who are concerned for me. Many of you have recently asked me whether I have a Patreon page. Now I do.

I don’t believe in the concept that the more you can afford to pledge, the more you should be entitled to. That’s why I’m not setting up tiers. If all you can afford is $1 a month, I want you to know that I truly value your support, and I believe you should have the same access as anybody else.

Here are some of things I envision sharing with you, as my way of thanking you for your support:

*Videos and/or audio recordings of brand new songs which you’ll be the first to see and hear.
*A bit of insight accompanying each new song…why I wrote it, and what it might mean to me.
*Videos of older songs I might not play publicly.
*Instrumentals on instruments you might not have ever seen me play.
*Take part in polls that let me know which songs you'd like me to play for you.
*Photos of some of the subjects in my songs, and some of the things I've seen in my travels.
*An occasional private live stream concert for just my Patreon supporters.
*The odd story from what will eventually be part of a book of memoirs I’m currently working on.
*Glimpses of some of my sports memorabilia, or other wacky and wonderful stuff I’ve collected.
*Whatever else I can think of that might be worth sharing exclusively with you.
*You can even suggest things you might like me to share.

I can’t really promise you new songs on any kind of schedule, because I’m not the kind of songwriter who’s pumping out songs all the time. I don’t want to make promises I might not be able to keep. But as soon as I have something new I’m proud of, I’ll share it with you before anybody else.

I’d really prefer your support not be based on whatever you might get in exchange for giving.
I’ll give you my HEART…in my music…and in everything else I do. Always. THAT’S what I feel comfortable promising you. It’s also really the only reason I would hope would make you want to support me.
Because it’s not about the perks I might offer, it’s about the promise that I’ll keep on keeping on, doing what I do, with as much honor and integrity as I have in me…thanks to you. Because you keep letting me know that matters.

Thank you for being a fan, a friend, and an angel. Thank you for your love. I love you too.

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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