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Thank you for supporting my novel and considering it important enough to actually donate money! You would think it doesn't mean much, but it means a lot to me.

Supporting my story will give you access to the chapters here on patreon before they appear anywhere else on the net!

Each successive tier will also offer the rewards from previous ones.

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The supporters in this tier will get a shoutout for a month in the chapter releases and access to a monthly Q&A session here on patreon.

Ask away when the post comes around, I'll answer the best I can while avoiding spoilers!

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With this tier, the patreon supporters get a link to my drive so you can watch progress on new chapters live as I write them and my draft materials that don't always make it in the releases together with world building notes and comments.

Furthermore, the drive is ahead of patreon by one chapter at least, so you get to read one chapter ahead of everyone else.

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If you are here, then that means I've piqued your interest with either the cool cover picture (dragon!) or you have already read one of my chapters and decided to check my patreon out.

Either way, allow me to introduce the world I am creating to you, where the strong rule and the weak perish, the world of A Dragon's Curiosity.
Humans, Elves, Dwarfes and other humanoid races have been forced to band together in kingdoms and cities by the ever present threat of ferocious monsters and magical beasts living inside the Wilderness.
Powerful mages and heroic warriors rise and fall every day in the constant struggle with their enemies, reyling on their mana and aura to further improve themselves.
My story follows the child of the undisputed monster king, born deep inside the Wilderness and forsaken by its clan and left only with its siblings.
Follow me and watch while I tell the story of one of the monster kings, who delved into a world outside of the forest to sate its curiosity.

Regardless of being a patreon supporter or not for my story, please enjoy the story and if you feel like it, leave me a message or comment, reading the reactions and thoughts of my readers is always a joy for me.

Have a great day!
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The next goal is about a long term desire for the story, getting a professional artist to commission a cover for the books published on amazon and afterwards more of important scenes from the plot.

My projection is one art piece about every two months once I find an artist who I can work with longtime.
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