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You're almost too cool for school--theology school, that is.

Reward? Well, who doesn't want to be a dogmatician?

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You better get your notes prepped 'cause you're off to lecture! Benefits here include a very wide-grinned me.
John Calvin
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You're past the cage-stage and well into the later editions of the Institutes.

Dude. You do this, I'll do a short translation for you (circa 1000 words).




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About RM Hurd

Hi! I'm Ryan, and I do theology. You probably know me from my work on churchdogmatics.com, where I post my translations and other theology-related stuff. Can you help support me? I'd greatly appreciate it, and it'd allow me to continue to do what I do, just more of it!

Thanks for passing by.

RM Hurd
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