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About Churchmount Sheepdogs

Churchmount Sheepdogs is a channel where I commit to making two videos per month (for Patrons only) that document and explain what I am doing at a particular stage of training on a particular dog. I may add additional or publicly viewable videos during the month too like the one with the Bruce daughter selling at Skipton in feb sale.
In the training videos I outline the goal I am trying to achieve and show where the dog is at in its training, what I am doing to get the behaviour or actions I want, why I am doing it that way and then show the result.. or it may come 2 or 4 weeks later.
Over time you are able see the dog evolve in its training.
I also travel a lot with dogs so I will have dog related video clips. I also make handler interview pieces, you can see them first here, but I usually make them public over time as the interviewees are gracious enough to share their information with me freely.
if someone else had a channel like this, I would sign up as its only the price of a 3 or 4 coffees once a month to be in on interesting relevant sheepdog training and information. I like making it so I hope you sign up.
'May we always have dogs that are a little bit too good for us so that we need to improve to catch up' 

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