Chuuurls Witch is creating LIMITED EDITION ORIGINAL ART

$1 /creation
I will make a drawing of whatever I feel like when I read your name. (3x3 image). You do not get to choose the quality of the image. It might be really intense or really simplistic and silly.

$2 /creation
Whenever I do a postcard run, you will get one!
However, you're going to have to specify the way you want it to come to you! Here are your options:
1) Addressed to you with a nice hand-writt...

$10 /creation
I will put on a lot of lipstick and I will kiss the back of the postcard. MWAH!!!!!! As with the other one, specify if you want me to send as if it were a postcard or send it unbesmirched in an env...

$20 /creation
20 dollars gets you a drawing on the back of the postcard, too, resulting in a DOUBLE original. The drawing is a surprise, but will definitely be worth $20.00. I will sign this drawing also. Becaus...