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You, my dear, truly are the man (or woman!) And because of this, I will write you a personal poem that is as humurous as it is heartfelt, to express my eternal gratitude. and debt to thee.


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Wowza, you really are one of the special ones. Well now the poem I'll write becomes an mp3 narrated by me along to a moving soundtrack. Load that badboy into your smartphone and give it a listen an...

Iron Man

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If you love me enough to do this then me love you long time in return. Just so you know, your rousing audio poem of personal greatness has now become a video with emotive footage, powerful music, a...


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There are beasts, there are men, there are gods, and there is you. You are Power Incarnate. You are Righteous Retribution. You are the Alpha and the Omega; lord and master of all you survey and I k...