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About Ciel Sainte-Marie

Ciel Sainte-Marie is an elusive catdeer who likes to bite, romance, and talk about symbols & personal myth. She creates works that are conversations between love and desire, personal mythology, community care, vulnerability, and emotional growth. She uses storytelling, immersive installation, game design, and film to weave together story worlds. She believes stories can inspire us to demand more love, more care, more tenderness, and more celebration.

Ciel has performed and exhibited work in Winnipeg, Vancouver and Toronto including venues like Tangled Art + Disability, the Vancouver Queer Arts Festival, and The Gladstone Hotel. A poet whose work has been read in classrooms and featured in keynotes, Ciel was recently published in The Deaf Poets Society’s Crips in Space Issue. An excerpt of her upcoming film “alien cake romance” was screened during Tangled London: Mediations - Media + Activism. Faerie is dead, long live Faerie.

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