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About Cilraaz

My Twitch stream is starting to grow, and I'm hoping to flesh it out, both technologically and in viewership. I currently stream on the following schedule (all times based on east coast USA time):

Tuesday: 9:30PM to Midnight
Thursday: 9:30PM to Midnight
Friday: 9:30PM to Midnight

Variance: Streams may start sooner, but usually not later. Weekend streams may occur, but are not frequent enough to be scheduled. 

Come visit and chat me up! In addition, please remember that this is done in addition to my full-time job, so sometimes life preempts my planned stream. In these cases, I will tweet out an explanation. I try to not do this too often, and will do my best to ensure the schedule is upheld, especially with regular viewers and/or patrons. I post to my Twitter feed all notices of upcoming streams (usually 15-30 minute notices prior to start time) or upcoming events, such as the Extra-Life 24 hour marathon.

Come visit the stream at and if you like what you see, become a follower and/or toss a few bucks my way!
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Want yet another night of Cilraaz?  If we reach this mark, Cilraaz will add a Monday stream.  This will make his schedule Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday!
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