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About The Cinema Cartography

O U R    M I S S I O N 

The Cinema Cartography inspires new ways of experiencing Art.
We do this because we believe that Art changes the world by empowering people with new perspectives.

W H A T    W E    D O

We are a Production company creating Films and Art. We also have a catalog of Film Essays and Documentaries on Cinema available for free online, as well as a membership program here on Patreon that unlocks access to exclusive content every month. 

E X C L U S I V E    F O R    P A T R O N S

  • Bi-Weekly Podcast
    Here you can listen to us talk about the main topics of the Cinematic Form and Art. We dive into topics such as screenplay, color theory, composition, directors, storytelling, movements, filmmaking tips and techniques as well as personal anecdotes of our process of work as Filmmakers.

    Previous episodes include On Screenplay, On Character Development, 2010's Cinema, Extreme Cinema, Film Noir, Art Beyond Cinema and more

  • Deep-Dive Podcast Monthly 
    Every month patrons choose a film and we talk about it in-depth. Those episodes are mainly about the conceptual aspects of a film: from storytelling techniques, visual motifs, and main themes. We analyze the subtext of the film and give you the historical context, as well as our personal critique of the piece.

    Previous episodes include The Lighthouse by Robert Eggers, Dr. Strangelove by Stanley Kubrick, Parasite by Bong-Joong Ho, Stalker by Andrei Tarkovsky, Perfect Blue by Kon Satoshi, Yi Yi by Edward Yang and more

  • Commentary Tracks NEW!
    Patrons have access to companion pieces for your viewing experience made by us. That means we will create long tracks analyzing the film from a much more technical aspect, including scene analysis as well as the motif, theme, and subtext analysis. 

  • Mentorship Program NEW! 
    All patrons are welcomed to participate in a series of activities and assignments proposed by us. We will also constructively critique the result of those activities/assignments to help you improve your work. We are also planning masterclasses and the possibility of welcoming patrons to participate in our work process closely. 

  • Film Archive and Essay Archive NEW!
    You'll automatically gain access to all of our archived work from Youtube (work that has had copyright claims, ad blocks, etc). 

By becoming The Cinema Cartography patron you unlock access to this exclusive content, but more importantly, you are helping our mission and joining a growing community of filmmakers. 

Welcome to The Cinema Cartography

Kind Regards,

The Cinema Cartography Team:
Lewis Michael Bond
Luiza Liz Bond
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