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a new kind of studio

Cinema Collaboratorium is a one-stop-shop production studio, digital platform and creative incubator, made by and for independent filmmakers in Los Angeles, California.


Located in North Hollywood, California, Cinema Collaboratorium has everything you need to create a film from pre-production through post, all under one roof. Our facilities include: offices, make-up and hair, dressing rooms, sound stage, wood shops, set library, editing and recording suites and more. We partner with companies like us, dedicated to creativity, innovation, and collaboration to lower the overall cost of production.


We are a collective of actors, writers, producers and directors that have come together to create a new kind of studio for the digital age. Run by artists and for artists. We came together to build a fun, creative, and inspiring company that develops with and promotes filmmakers of all shapes and sizes. We want to create a sustainable, affordable, and creative space outside the Hollywood studio system, that reaches our audience directly, and places value on creativity and telling compelling and creative stories.


This channel will be home to all the fun and exciting projects that pass through our doors! Each pledge will take our studio one step closer to providing a truly innovative, low cost alternative to the Hollywood studio system. By supporting us, you support every project that films at our studio by allowing us to provide a professional quality equipment package, sound stage, pre-built sets, post-production facilities, at extremely competitive prices to the creative class of Los Angeles and beyond. Unlike standard cable, or other digital distributors, through our channel you'll get to meet and communicate with our creators directly, and become an integral part of their creative process!


Each tier of pledge will open up new levels of access, and more content, including a look at the making of Cinema Collaboratorium's most exciting films and series, interviews with the creators, live events, a candid look at the creative process, and the vibrant community of artists behind it. We pride ourselves in our choice of creative partners, and we are excited to show you their wide range of films, television, digital series, music videos, webisodes, and live performances.


So please help make our dream a reality! Come watch exciting and creative work, and be a part of a new kind of studio, that supports, nurtures, and develops the emerging film makers Hollywood has yet to discover! 
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