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I was probably 5 the first time I realized that there were horror movies. My dad was taking me to see The Empire Strikes Back and I spotted a poster for Friday The 13th in the lobby and was fascinated by it. I wanted to see that. My dad said no. That right there was the flashpoint for a life long obsession with horror movies. 


Brentwood, NH, USA

I used to be a blogger. Didn't everyone, though? For six years I ran this website called Cinema Suicide and in that time it got to be pretty popular but I burned out and stopped blogging. My solution to the ennui that comes with running a higher profile movie blog for six years was to move it to Youtube and make it into a weekly show and as it turns out, I love producing the damn thing.

Every Friday I publish a new episode of Cinema Suicide to Youtube and in it I swear a lot while talking about independent horror, science fiction and fantasy movies. I do reviews and editorial and I have a lot of fun and people seem to like it. However, the gear I use to produce the show is either really crappy or borrowed and not always available to me and what I hope to do with patron support is upgrade my gear and buy the stuff that I borrow to make a better, higher quality show like those that the Youtubers who inspired me to do a Youtube show in the first place have.

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