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About Cinnamon Switch

Mice Tea is an erotic human to anthro transformation (TF) visual novel with cute art and characters. The current build includes explicit sex and nudity, so 18+ only, please! Once you’ve played the current build, we’d really appreciate it if you could take a minute to fill out this quick survey.


  • Cute and sexy art!
  • Fun and erotic writing!
  • Four major paths
  • Multiple short ends
  • Four Romantic Interests, each with their own anthro transformation (and sometimes more)


  • Human → Anthro
  • Shrinking
  • Body Expansion
  • Male → Female
  • Female → Female w/ penis
  • F/M romance
  • F/F romance

Cinnamon Switch

The primary goal of Cinnamon Switch is to create interactive media that explores gender, anthro, and transformation kink spaces in a way that keeps things fun and accessible.

In our experience, a significant amount of media in these areas either contain extreme or problematic content. We aim to create TF content that's respectful, positive, and exploratory.


Inclusivity: Appropriate tagging and signposting for content some players might need to avoid. UI elements that accommodate blind players and those with dyslexia. 

Transparency: Updates at least once a month, either in the form of patreon posts, game builds, or both. We’ll be very open about our process and our plans.

Feedback & Audience Engagement: If you have thoughts and feelings about the direction of our projects, we’ll listen. Our top priority is to grow and improve over time.

About the Team


Cinnamon Switch Founder | Writer | Developer
Gunzil is no stranger to writing both story and code for games, and has a long history of developing games for game jams. Some examples of his work are many of his previous game jam entries such as An Escape The Room Game But Everything Is On Fire.


Mice Tea Project Lead | Artist (Characters and CGs) KDhynamo is a fan of cute fuzzy things and drawing people turning into them. Previously the only artist on the project, he now focuses on polishing assets via line art and color. He can be found most on Picarto, FurAffinity, and Twitter

Zoe S. Figueroa

Writer | Editor
Zoe S. Figueroa writes smut, most of it transformation-based and nearly all of it sweet. She is both editor and consultant on the project, offering her input on all things silly and sultry. You can find her books for sale on Amazon.


Artist (CGs)
UBF excels at both cute and sexy art and was a perfect candidate to help illustrate some of the steamier scenes in Mice Tea. If you want to see more of UBF's non-Mice Tea work (which is also fantastic) go follow her on Twitter, FurAffinity, and Picarto!

Will Bowerman

Will, also known as Ultigonio is a composer and game developer. He's currently working on his own game project Unearthed, an early version of which can be found in his Listen to more of his original music and remixes on SoundCloud.


Artist (Backgrounds)
Heart is an illustrator and VN creator who runs her own Patreon working on her project The Collector. You can check out her comics and other works on her DeviantArt.

The game also includes art development by development team alumni Neropan and Artist-chan.

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The More the Merrier

We'll regularly commission other artists to create more Mice Tea content from animations to comics
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