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I'll review a fav band of yours via email
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Ever been curious as to what I think of your favorite vegan funeral procession doom band?  This is the tier for you!  I can also suggest gear if you want that style of tone. 
Mix and band advice via email.
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I'll listen to your band and give you pointers. 
COT stickers, coaster etc USA residents
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COT fridge magnet, stickers,coaster and button.  If you are overseas contact me for a one time shipping cost. 

I'll send you one of my COT pickups.
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You will get a neck or a bridge humbucker of my design.
Quad Damage Pedal
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I'll send you my quad damage pedal. 




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About Circle Of Tone

I recreate classic studio setups of famous albums on YouTube.

I'll help out all Patreons with advice on their recording, mixes and gear. 

Thanks for helping this channel GROW!!

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