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About Cirrha

Hello! My name is Cirrha. Drawing has been an ongoing passion in my life ever since I participated in a drawing contest when I was a child. I had never drawn before and came in last. Despite this, I kept drawing. Art eventually became an outlet of who I am and what I feel. 

It just so happens that some of my strongest feelings come from stories, whether it's a movie, novel, or manga. My lifelong dream has been to create a story that inspires others as stories have inspired me. I hope to chase that dream and that's where you come in! 

If you become my Patreon, you'll get exclusive access to comic pages ahead of time. The bigger this Patreon grows, I'll eventually be able to provide tiers for Photoshop files, speed paint tutorials, and extra content I hope you'll enjoy.

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When I reach $50 per month, I'll begin a tier Photoshop files with named layers for completely illustrated pieces and make a Discord server.
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