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About Citieshare

I loved urban planning since I was a child. I used to create small cities on the floor in my room using lots of pencils to create roads and intersections. Then I was laying down buildings made of books and Jenga bricks. I placed some car parks, shops, and even a garbage dump. In short, everything that a city should have.
When I was a little bit older, I found out about city building games. I fell in love with Simcity 5 as it was presented on trailers. Of course, as we all know it wasn't such a good game after all. But then came Cities: Skylines, the best city builder as for now. It supported Steam Workshop which made the game even better. 
There is just one thing that Cities: Skylines lacks. Multiplayer.
Simcity had regions in which a group of players could create their cities and share different things between them. But there is no such thing in Cities. So after a while, I decided to make a platform that will allow players to play in turn-based multiplayer.

That's Citieshare.

It's an online service that allows you to share your city with other players in your game room. First, you need to create a title, choose an image and write a short description. After that, you can add your Steam mods collection and a map link, choose necessary DLCs if you want.  Then you set the turn length, the players count and finally you add the save game file.
Your game room is visible to the public now! Everyone can apply to it, but in the end, you can check their profiles to see what style of the city planning they prefer or look at some screenshots of their work and if you decide you want them in your game room, you can accept them.
When you'll accept the necessary amount of players, you can give them their own district names so they'll know which is theirs. If everything is correct you can start the game!

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