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About City Beautiful

City Beautiful is a YouTube channel dedicated to educating everyone about cities and city planning. Cities are amazing! I cover topics such as transportation, land use planning, and urban design. I post new videos monthly and sometimes more frequently. If you already watch and subscribe, thank you so much for your support! This Patreon page gives you another opportunity to support the channel. All funds raised go directly to making the videos on the channel better and reach a broader audience. I have big plans for this channel and your support can make it happen.

What do you get out of it?
When you support City Beautiful, you get influence! My favorite part of the channel is interacting with viewers like you, and we will do a lot of that here on Patreon. All patrons receive access to the Patreon feed, where I will post scripts for your comments and thoughts, behind-the-scenes videos (lenses), and polls about upcoming videos. I want to hear from you! At the highest level of support, you get access to an "office-hours" style chat with me. 

Why support City Beautiful?
I think it’s a shame that most people can go through high school and college without encountering education about the places humans have built to live in. I hope City Beautiful can fill a society-wide knowledge gap and help people understand why cities are the way they are and how they can change them for the better. Your support can further this mission.

Who is City Beautiful?
City Beautiful is a solo operation, written and produced by Dave Amos. I'm a PhD candidate at UC Berkeley, pursuing my degree in City and Regional Planning. Prior to Berkeley, I was a professional land use planner. And prior to THAT, I earned a Bachelors in Urban Studies and Masters degrees in Architecture and Planning. I've been obsessed with cities for as long as I can remember. I live in sunny (too sunny!) Sacramento, California, but I'm originally from Wisconsin.

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