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What is the CBR?

The Official /r/civ Civilization V Battle Royale emerged from the union of interested parties in /r/civ, the subreddit which dominates online discussion for Firaxis’s Civilization video game series, and the Civ V modding community.

The Civ Battle Royale

The original Battle Royale was presented as a community event designed to showcase the creative and collaborative power of the Civ V modding community. This event was centered upon a simple concept—one enormous map approximating the geography of Earth, and 42 AI civilizations located in their respective historical starting locations. There are no human agents influencing the events of this game; the host, and the audience, are only spectators to series of events that unfolded before them as the 42 computer AI systems consistently calculated what the optimal moves were available before them. The only victory condition for the Battle Royale was one of total domination, as per Firaxis’ programmed ruleset. One civilization needed to capture every other opposing starting capital city to win the game.
This was not the first instance of such a simulation; however, the Battle Royale was the first of its grand scale, the first to rally the audience of r/civ, and the first to feature an expansive list of modded civilizations to its roster of competitors. All civilizations were chosen by the members of /r/civ through popular vote, and the finalists included both modded and vanilla (game developer included) civilizations alike.

The current iteration of the CBR (CBRX Season 1) is a brand new mega AI game, with new Civs, new mods, and a new video format! 

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