CivClassic is creating 2.0

much reward, very wow

$1 /mo
You donated! Thank you so much we love you! If you ever want someone to be impressed, just show them that you have this reward, they will think very highly of you

Subreddit Flair

$5 /mo
If you donate $5 we'll give you a cool special donator flair on the subreddit! Wowee!

In-Game Name Color

$10 /mo
If you really want to shell out some dough we'll give your name a color in-game, then everyone will know how cool you are

Custom MOTD

$15 /mo
You can make your own server MOTD that will show up in people's server list. We reserve the right to deny your message if it's bad. Your message will be grouped and randomly displayed to players wi...

Custom Discord Rank

$20 /mo
Create your own personal rank in discord with whatever color you want!

Custom Brew

$20 /mo
You can add your own brew to the brewery config, with whatever name and effects you like (within reason)

Rainbow Name!

$25 /mo
Get a rainbow name in-game!

Certificate of Donation

$42 /mo
We will send you a real certificate, on paper, showing that you donated to CivClassic!

Custom reinforcement type

$100 /mo
Whatever item you want will become a reinforcement. It will only have a durability of 1 but it will exist!

Admin Criminal

$10,000 /mo
If you're stupid enough to donate this much to us we'll add you as a moderator on the subreddit, but without any permissions. Your name will be in the sidebar but that's it

Visit an Admin!

$50,000 /mo
An all expenses paid trip to visit the CivClassic admin of your choice!

Visit CivClassic!

$100,000 /mo
We will fly you to Beauharnois to visit the datacenter where CivClassic is hosted!