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is creating OBSOLETE MEDIA OBJECTS, a permatouring record label.

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I've been on permanent tour since March of 2008, playing shows across North America and Europe.
Since 2011, I've also been running an independent music label called Obsolete Media Objects. The two really go hand in hand because one of the great privileges of being on a never-ending tour is the chance to hear so much new music from all over the world. Whenever I hear something truly unique that I think I can help get out to more ears, I release it on this label. 
I started this Patreon account in hopes that some of my fans and supporters will make monthly pledges to this effort. This will help me be able to afford to put this new music out (much of which is not necessarily commercially successful, but nonetheless wonderful and worthy of an audience).  This will especially help considering the hand-to-mouth, precarious existence that is life on tour, where I'm always one potential van breakdown away from being financially wiped out.  If I can get the monthly pledges up to a few hundred dollars, this will help me breathe easier, and allow me to keep putting time and money into my label, which has yet to ever turn a profit.

As the name might imply, Obsolete Media Objects has a focus on physical media. We're released 1 vinyl record, a handful of CDs, a mess of tapes, and the occasional release that doesn't quite fit into any of those categories.  I've always been committed to making the most gorgeous media objects possible, which can be pricey at times.  I hope this campaign will help me take it a notch higher and put out more vinyl LPs, which I simply don't have the money to release at present.

Besides presenting a high caliber of music and visual art, I also want OMO to have a social consciousness that finds ways to effect change through music.  Some of the releases that have overt political agendas are:
OMO003: "Like Badgers and Birds: A Compilation to Support Wikileaks"
OMO055: "Running Up That Hill: Kate Bush Covers for Reproductive Rights"
OMO081: "Baltmore or less" (Nina Simone mixtape by DJ Too Slow) benefiting Legal/Bail Support for Baltimore protesters

Each of these releases was a fundraising tool for a causes I believed in.  I'd love to do more of these, and having a steady stream of pledges would help that considerably. 
Of course, not every release will have a specific political or social purpose.  The main purpose of the label is simply to share extraordinary music with my broader community of friends and listeners, which I think is a social good regardless of anyone's politics. 
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I play around 200 shows per year, and most of them pay just enough to get to the next town.  As a consequence, I tend not to be able to fix my van unless it is absolutely broken down.  Preventative repairs, which are often less costly than waiting until a breakdown, are often just not an option.  For instance, at the moment, my blinkers are intermittent. I'd say they work about 60% of the time, which means I often decide not to merge or turn where I wanted to, for fear of causing an accident.  I know what is wrong with the blinkers, but that repair is not one I have the money for now, so it has been on the long list of "optional" repairs (i.e ones that can put off without missing any shows) since January). If you're thinking, "That's ridiculous. You need blinkers if you're going to drive thousands of miles every week.", yes, I musi agree with you. Hence the Patreon.  There are always things like this. Driving like I do, there will always be maintenance and repairs that need to be done, but that are not possible with my normal income from shows and selling records. 
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