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Sci-fi serial novel, Insurrection
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For now, this is the only tier available. With this tier, you get a monthly episode of my sci-fi serial novel. 

It is a mix of dystopian future, military sci-fi.  Each season furthers the evolution of the resistance against an alien race that has enslaved mankind, starting from just a group of 5 soldiers that wake up from stasis into an unknown world to the growth of the revolution onto other planets. 




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Hi, first of all, let me thank you for clicking on my page. It means a great deal to me that you are even looking at my page, so thank you.

Before I introduce myself I want to let you know that if you scroll down all the way to the bottom of the page feed, you can read the first few episodes to my sci-fi serial novel for free. If you like them, then subscribe to read the rest. 

My name is C. J. Korryn. I am a Christian fiction and fiction writer of novels, short stories, and flash fiction. I do not limit myself to just one genre, so if you do decide to join my patron community, you may have the opportunity to read several different genres.

Writing has been a passion of mine since I was a freshman in high school when I had to write a fiction story using vocabulary words.  I have never stopped writing since, but it has always been more of a hobby of mine, and that is why I am on here.  I want to be able to write full time and still pay my bills.  

For now I only have the one tier that contains my sci-fi serial novel. As I grow my followers I will be adding more tiers with more serial novels and more benefits, but for now, just this one. 
I have several Christian fiction books published and am now working on publishing several more Christian fiction as well as mainstream fiction books. Chris Jackson is my real name, but I have decided to publish under C.J. Korryn mainly because my name is such a common name. I wanted something that would stick out, something to catch the eye, and something to make it easier to find and follow me on social media platforms.

I also have a blog geared specifically towards the Christian writer called “Writing With God”

Please connect with me on social media, if you like: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, my blog, etc.

Again, thank you for checking out my patreon page.
C. J. Korryn
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 25 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 25 exclusive posts

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