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Please send me a message via Patreon to let me know that you want access to these resources, which are shared via a Google Drive folder.  Please include an e-mail that links to a place where you want access to these items (e.g. Work or home).  I will NOT sell or give away your e-mail at any time.  I do need to mention that if you drop your Patreon support, I will remove your access to the Google Drive folder as it is for patrons only.

Current available resources:

-The Video Ukulele Method: The First Five Chords

-Background and Instructions for the Video Ukulele Method

More coming soon!

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This $20 monthly pledge allows companies to support my efforts in the field of music education or ukulele.  These sponsors will be listed on a page on the appropriate website, and I will be open to hosting reviews on their products (particularly if a demo or donated unit/copy can be obtained).  I will contact companies that sponsor this Patreon account to see how we can best work together.