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Thank you so much for your support! Every bit counts and I truly appreciate it! 

Under this tier you will receive : 

  • Access to Patreon exclusive content -  You will get access to behind the scenes sketches and concept art of illustrations I'm working on, which could include behind the scene sketches for my comic Cliques, and other projects. 

  • Access to Polls to vote for random Fanart ill do. 

  • I'll also make sure to reply back to everyone's comments, so if you have any questions regarding my art or need any insight on my process, ill do my best to answer your questions the best I can. 

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Your so dope!  Thank you for the love and support it means so much!!!

Under this tier you will receive : 

  • Everything included in the previous tier

  • Early  Access to my comic Cliques. I will post a page a week. As soon as the page is completed I will upload it here waaaayyyy before I release them to the public. 

  • Work in progress shots of pages and concept art

  • Get to vote on new characters you want me to introduce in the comic. 

  • You will be able to give me feedback on future character designs as well and give your input on some of the story elements of the comic, allowing you to be more a part of the process as I work on this comic.  

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You are super dope for this!! Thank you!! 

Under this tier you will receive : 

  • Everything included in the previous tiers

  • 10% Discount codes to use on website shop at  


  • 20% off of any personal commissions you may want to get done from me. 



About C.Knight Art

Hey, what's up my name is Cameron Knight!

I'm a fulltime freelance artist & illustrator. Like most fulltime artist I'm usually juggling a ton of commissions and client work, while also trying to find time to work on my own personal projects.

One of those projects being my comic called Cliques, which follows four best friends as they navigate through their daily lives in a city where 90% of the population use weapons called Saber edges.

You can purchase  the first chapter of Cliques here: 

"Why Patreon?"
I quit my job a few years back to make my passion for art and creating stories and characters into a career and starting my own comic was a big goal for me. My next goal is to be able to continue to work on Cliques and other projects I have in mind and give them a lot more time. By supporting my patreon you can help accomplish that goal. Any amount is truly appreciated and will help me develop some dope exclusive content for you guys!

Thank you for taking the time to read this! and hope you enjoy my comic!!

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THIS WOULD BE CRAZY!!! If I can hit this goal, I will start a private discord, where I chat with you guys and talk about art, comics, anime, etc. I also will be able to do more behind the scenes videos to give you more of a look at my process and share some art tips!
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