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About Charlie Knight

Let's be honest: I charge too little of my clients to make any real profit. And that's OK. It's important work, and editors who charge the industry average are robbing indie authors. I can expand on the work that I do, provide more services, and help more clients regularly if I can cut back on the day job side of my life. That's where Patreon and your support comes in.

I'm a professional editor with 10 years of experience in fiction and non-fiction editing. Here, I'll provide services that fall short of full editing but are still important. My goal as an editor is always to work as your partner.

Regarding sensitivity reads: I'm pansexual, enby (nonbinary), native, chronically ill, neuroatypical, and disabled. I use crutches or a wheelchair for mobility and take meds for mental illness (cyclothymia and C-PTSD). I'm also married to a trans man, my family is Jewish, and my daughter is autistic/non-verbal. *I will not do sensitivity reads for POC characters (even of they also fall into one of these other categories). I'm not going to ignore the intersectionality. I'll recommend a sensitivity reader for you who can do this.*

Your patronage provides direct support both to my clients (and future clients) and to my family. Thank you! 
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This will cover one of my monthly meds that I pay for out of pocket so reaching this goal would make a HUGE difference. When I reach $500 per month, I'll start a drawing of one random patron each month who will get a free edit of their manuscript of up to 100k words.
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