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About Dave Westbrook

Hey y'all,

I am a Dave based in Dallas who's been developing several art mediums over the years.
My passions are comedy, stunts/stage combat, martial arts, acting, music, photography, video/film, dancing, flo arts, and much, much more. On this page you will see my journey and the journey of featured artists and collaborators toward bettering ourselves in these disciplines, brought together by your feedback and enjoyment.

We develop together, I believe, so it is absolutely important for me to see past my ego as best I can. I don't just see Patreon as a means to financially escalate the content's development--I see it as an opportunity to collaborate with many different voices from all kinds of backgrounds and experiences. That being said, ultimately, I hope you all find joy in my projects in some capacity or another.

Yo, I'm so grateful for your support, and super look forward to working with you!

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