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  • You can subscribe anywhere from $1 to $100 per month!  It all helps and will be appreciated greatly!  Showing your support in your own way is always awesome and I will appreciate everything you guys do for me!  You nerds!
FFBE One on One Help
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This is a limited tier where you can schedule 2 times a month a Skype or Discord call with me where we go over all of your units, what you should be working towards, and trial or other FFBE boss help!

We can set up a way for me to see your game and do my best to assist you how I can!

These scheduled times must be before the 8 PM EDT stream times on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, & Friday!




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Hey guys and welcome to my Patreon page! If you need some links to my content here they are:

A little about myself, my real name is Chris and I'm from West Virginia.  I am a content creator who is extremely motivated to bring the best content I can all the while bringing you an entertaining evening if you spend it with me either on videos or live on stream!  I am very passionate about building my Nerd Society community and love the members who have already joined in!  If you want to join us I stream Monday - Wednesday starting at 4 PM EST and Friday starting at 9 PM EST!

So what exactly is this Patreon page and why should I subscribe?

Patreon is a way to support myself as a full-time content creator and continue to bring great content to you guys that you enjoy!  This money goes to pay my bills, provide for my family, and improve on my setup!  In the near future my patreon will offer special benefits for those who are kind enough to help support the cause!

If you have any suggestions or concerns regarding my content and my stream do not hesitate to contact me via my email ([email protected]) or tweeting me via Twitter (  Seriously ask me anything!

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