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● Access to my Patron-only Activity Feed!
featuring progress photos, behind-the-scenes content, discussions about possible future cosplay ideas, and more!
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About Claire Ana Cosplay

Hey there! My name is Claire. I am a writer, model, and cosplayer. Over the past few years, I have had the opportunity to do photo shoots with many different, talented photographers. While I do enjoy traditional types of modeling, cosplay has allowed me to combine costume design, sewing skills, modeling prowess, and creativity in order to portray badass pop-culture characters. My love for cosplay began when I was asked to participate in a themed photo shoot doing a modern take on the Scooby-Doo gang. As Daphne Blake, I got to spend the day in a minidress and heels fighting off zombies. I was hooked. Since then, I have continued to build up my cosplay portfolio, thanks to my friend and photographer Jeff Zoet Visuals, who is constantly creating amazing composited images and bringing these costumes to life.

I started posting a lot of my cosplay photos online, and have built up a great following of people who really seem to enjoy what I've been sharing. (I'm currently up to almost 20K likes on my Facebook page, and have over 25K followers on Instagram.) While people seem to enjoy all of my posts, the most popular are always my cosplay projects. Fortunately, cosplay is something that I'd love to do more of, and I'm hoping that this site can take me to the next level.

My amazing fans have been so supportive when I release a new cosplay shoot, and have constantly been asking for more. I would love to be able to portray all of the characters that people have been asking to see, but as anyone who is involved in cosplay knows... it is expensive! So in an effort to try and do more cosplay shoots, and portray more characters, I decided to launch this Patreon page to see if my fans can help raise some of the funds to make future cosplays a reality!

This is not like a Kickstarter campaign, where I am asking for funds to create one massive project. This is more of a monthly request for potential patrons to chip in and help me make better costumes, more often. It will also pay for photo shoot expenses to ensure the best possible final artwork. Plus, all of my cosplay photo shoots will be with Jeff Zoet Visuals, so you know they'll be awesome! 

And just to clarify - my cosplay photos will continue to be free for all to view, but if you decide to be a patron, you will get the first look at them, behind-the-scenes photos, Snapchats, live feeds from shoots... even the chance to directly collaborate with me to pick out a cosplay of your choosing! Go check out the rewards to see all of the different ways that I've come up with to say THANK YOU for helping me take my cosplaying to the next level. And make sure to let me know of other rewards that you'd like to see added!

Thanks for taking a moment to visit my Patreon page. I look forward to sharing new images soon!

Stay nerdy, my friends. 
Claire Ana
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I thought I'd start with a goal of $500 per month just to see what kind of interest there is. These funds would help me start creating new cosplay costumes on a more regular basis.
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