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Hi There!

I'm an Oxford based musician and poet.
I've been performing and recording music for the past 10 years, been in a couple of local bands, but I'm currently producing my solo work. I write lots of my own songs in a bit of a folk guitar style and also write poetry regularly. I'd love the opportunity to have more time to give towards my art, but currently paying my bills working for a supper club. Most of my artistic content is available at

I'd like to get a little bit more security in my life so I can justify the time and money I spend creating beautiful songs, editing sound files and creating beautiful art. I'm prolific in my creativity, usually I produce several songs and poems a month, although not all of them are emotional masterpieces. (I have a great silly jazz version of I'm a Little Teapot somewhere). I'd like to connect with people who really love what I do and want to help me to create more of it.

I don't really want to ask people pay to have exposure to my music but, girl's gotta eat. I figure a monthly contribution is possibly a bit more helpful than spending 3 years to make a  £5 CD that you probably won't even listen to because CDs will be obsolete by then. Plus it means it means you all get a lot more content on a regular basis instead of waiting forever for something to come to fruition.
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Just enough to feel the love. Thanks guys.
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