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Hello and welcome!
Thanks for finding your way here to my sponsorship site.
The idea here is simple -- I'm doing work that needs your support.
With your sponsorship I can invest my time and energy
into my work as a human rights advocate,
supporting vulnerable communities and human rights defenders,
and training and mentoring the next generation of human rights leaders.

The info below explains:
  • Who am I?
  • What do I do?
  • Why support me?
  • How supporting me helps you to make change in the world
  • Why support me instead of a human rights organisation you are already familiar with who you know is doing good work?
  • How much should you pledge?
  • What if you just want to make a one off donation?
  • Is my donation tax deductible?

If you have any other questions, just ask!
Come friend me on Facebook or send me an email
Or check out my NGO's FB page -- the Global Human Rights Clinic,
where you can also sign up to our newsletter.
And please share this page.
Thanks a million for your interest and your support.

First, a couple of things about Patreon:
  • You will only be charged for the amount of monthly sponsorship you specify, and you can stop (or edit your pledge) any time
  • Scroll down the column on the right --> to see what you'll get for your money, and on the left <-- check out my current goal and what it will help me achieve
  • If you want to pledge a different amount than the suggestions over there --> you can! It's easy, just select the nearest amount and in the next confirmation page you can adjust the amount you want to pledge. 
  • You can also give without specifying a reward, if you really want (I may still want to send you some, unless you really don't want me to!)
So now onto the business of what this sponsorship thing is all about ...

Who am I?

I would say I choose human rights as my way of paying it forward, but I rather think it chose me! Fighting alongside those who are underserved, and nurturing our future human rights advocates with the tools they need to be the best they can be, is what I have been doing in various ways for as long as I can remember. I have over 20 years worth of hands-on experience in championing and transforming the rights and lives of courageous individuals and communities, via NGOs, non-profits and community-based organisations, academia, the private sector, international organisations such as the UN, social entrepreneurship, and independent consulting.

I have worked for non-governmental organisations like Amnesty International, the International Commission of Jurists, the Centre on Housing Rights and Evictions, the International Service for Human Rights, and others. These days I run my own social enterprise focused on human rights, called the Global Human Rights Group (more on that below) where we run pro-bono and not-just-for-profit projects to help grassroots human rights activists take their issues to the UN in a way that achieves real change, and we create an experiential learning environment for up-and-coming human rights advocates to hone their skills so as to enhance their impact in the world.

I am an admitted and practising lawyer, with a law degree (with honours) from Australia, and graduate degrees in international law and human rights from the Graduate Institute of International Studies in Geneva, Switzerland. I also have an undergraduate degree in International Relations and Development Studies, and have studied numerous diploma-style courses along the way (including in human rights, advocacy, litigation, and human resources). I am also an authorised coach and facilitator, which supports my work in mentoring and nurturing advocates, change-makers and leaders. And, I used to work in academia as a lecturer, clinical law professor, and research fellow.

I have published widely on international human rights law, including a book on the impact the Olympic Games has on housing rights, another book on the Right to Health, a book about the Right to Food, and numerous journal articles. I have worked for many years as an expert consultant for the United Nations, in particular doing investigative human rights field missions and training governments and civil society about human rights and the UN. I've done this work in over 35 countries. I've won awards for my human rights work (for example from the Law Institute of Victoria, in Australia, and the French Government). Before I started my own organisation I was the Special Advisor to the former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (and former President of Ireland), the Hon. Mary Robinson. I've also spent years working as the legal advisor to the former UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food, writing his reports to the General Assembly and the UN Human Rights Council, and going on missions around the world. 

So, I have the human rights credentials and legitimacy! I do good work, and I work hard. The work I do makes a difference to the lives of real people and real communities. Now to explain what this work is ...

What do I do?

In 2012 I set up a non-profit organisation called the Global Human Rights Clinic. It's now part of a social enterprise called the Global Human Rights Group, along with the not-just-for-profit consulting firm, the Global Human Rights Consultants. Due to health issues, I've not been able to build the consulting work much over the last couple of years, but nonetheless have a long-track record with clients ranging from national and international NGOs, National Human Rights Institutions, UN experts, and multilateral organisations including parts of the United Nations.

What I'm most proud of is the work we have been doing in the Global Human Rights Clinic. There we aim to provide opportunities for students, recent graduates and new practitioners to gain hands-on practical experience in real human rights work, while we work with grassroots human rights defenders to help them access the United Nations human rights mechanisms and get real impactful outcomes for their issues of concern. This has a dual track effect -- we are able to help build capacity and the impact of the human rights work that others are doing, and we are developing the next generation of human rights leaders, both at the same time.

I talk in the video about some examples of projects we've been working on lately. It's real stuff, impacting real people. We work with world leaders and grassroots activists to progress social justice issues that end up impacting on your local community. Sometimes we work behind-the-scenes more hush-hush ways to ensure some of the most important human rights issues get addressed at the top levels in the UN. Something I don't mention in the video is the fact that to-date I have taken on over 20 interns as “apprentices” to train into awesome world-changing human rights advocates (at a personal cost of about USD$50K over a period of 18 months). They are now out in the world expanding this impact through well-placed jobs in decision-making capacities, impacting change that has been informed through their real work with us. In my work I’m always mentoring and coaching these existing and future leaders and change-makers.

Why support me?

I know that many of you look at the news and read your newsfeeds wondering what you can do to make things better -- there are so many bad and distressing news stories it seems like a neverending task, where do you even start? People have been asking me, “how can I contribute to being the change I want to see in the world?” And of course the subtext often is (no judgment on my part) “how do I do this without radically altering my life in too many ways?” I believe that everyone has their own contribution to make in their own way - some work hard and earn money and love their families and have the financial freedom to support others doing the groundwork, some work hard and don’t earn much money and have traded having children for the freedom to treat the world as their family and give up financial stability to do the rarely-rewarded groundwork, and others fall somewhere on the spectrum in-between.

My plan to make 2019 better for all of us includes expanding the number of people I help to follow their dreams of contributing to the world, especially those that otherwise would not have such opportunities. I want to help you make your 2019 a great year by giving you a chance to share this journey, and make your own contribution (whatever the size or the shape) to improving the world around you. I’m asking for your support so that together we can make a difference. This is a simple way you can make a really important contribution, get feedback on what’s happening, and see real results.

Sponsoring me through becoming a Patron is a way for you to show your support for me and the work I do in the world, and for you to follow along and share in the successes as they happen.

One of the most most important aspects of this is community — I can’t do it alone, and I know so many people want to be a part of changing the world in their own way. Together, we can "be the change we want to see in the world". And I want the pleasure of your company on this journey! Together, we can build a community of people who care for each other and those around us.

How does supporting me help you to make change in the world?

  • You can feel good knowing you are doing your bit to support human rights in a concrete, visible, transparent way. 
  • You can contribute ideas, actions, energy, however you want — being a Patreon supporter gives you the inside scoop into what I’m doing and how you can help further. 
  • You will learn more about human rights and the world and how and what you can do to change the world. You can see how your contributions are already helping, and what areas could further do with assistance and you can help me spread the word to expand our community.
  • You will know what your money is going to and how my team and I are working to effect change.
  • You will be part of a community of change-makers. Together, we can be the change we want to see in the world. Together, we can build a community of people who care for each other and those around us.

Why support me instead of a human rights organisation you are already familiar with who you know is doing good work?
  1. I don’t believe it should be a choice - support both of us if you can!
  2. If you have to choose, know that by supporting me: 
    • you are still supporting a bone-fide human rights organisation - helping me to relieve the day-to-day stresses of living helps me build the Global Human Rights Clinic, a registered non-profit, where we nurture up-and-coming human rights advocates and skill them up to go out and change the world
    • you can transparently see how your contribution makes a direct and real impact - I’ll be keeping you in the loop about what I’m doing and how your support is helping. You can help shape the direction of how your support gets used!

How much should you pledge?

Good question. However much you feel comfortable with pledging! Honestly, I will appreciate any and every bit of support you can give. I have a regular donation to Kiva (micro-loans) set up where I give $25 per month and I find that even when the budget is super tight, this is do-able. I think of it as one meal out a month which I'm happy to sacrifice for the change that it can bring to others.

Frankly speaking, monthly donations of $20-30 or more are going to be the most helpful for me. That's not to say that the smaller amounts are not going to help, but the larger amounts will allow me to spend more time working on human rights and less time trying to get more and more patrons to help pay my daily expenses! That said, if you can only afford $1-15 please please please still pledge this and I will love you forever! It will all add up, of that I am sure.

200 pledges of $20 per month will bring $4,000 -- this is my goal and what would enable me to live, pay the rent (office and home), cover the basic overheads, and pay an intern a small stipend. This would have me 100% full-time focused on human rights and changing the world, and not losing sleep about how to pay the next small bill. I'd still be worried about the big bills, but hey, aren't we all?! Now I just need to find 200 of you who can help me with this ...

What if you just want to make a one off donation?

Ah, OK, SURE! That's a no brainer! Pleaseandthankyou! 

You've got a few options:

  1. Pay me via PayPal (and you can use credit card or your balance or transfer and you don't even need to be a PayPal member): just go to
  2. Or, let's cut out the middle man and their fees, and just send me the money directly via Direct Transfer. Here's my bank details which should include everything you need to ask your bank to wire me your hard earned cash (so that I can work hard to earn it!) no matter where you live:
Bank Name: UBS
Bank Address: Place Cornavin, Geneva, CH-1200, Switzerland
Swift Code: UBSWCHZH80A
Account Name: Claire Frances MAHON
Account Holder's Address: rue Butini 16, 1202 Geneva
Account No.: 240-609972.40P
IBAN: CH350024024060997240P

Is your donation tax deductible?

So, I'm working in human rights, operating a non-profit organisation - is your donation tax deductible? Quick answer, no. Longer answer, but maybe it could be but probably unlikely. Full answer ...

Your sponsorship / pledge / patronage / donation (whatever you want to call it) through this page is not tax deductible, sorry. But what it will do is give me the freedom to work on things like getting our application for charity status and tax deductibility filed for the Global Human Rights Clinic! So you're getting us one step closer. If, once we've got that tax deductible status, you want to stop giving to me and start giving to the tax deductible charity, that would be awesome! I'll be updating all my Patreon supporters about my progress on this front. 

But, keep in mind, when we do get tax deductible status in Swissyland, where our organisation is based, that will only be relevant for those who pay taxes in this jurisdiction. Unfortunately, that won't help a lot of you. So we will be setting up the NGO in other countries also - Australia and New Zealand are first on our list as we've been doing a lot of work with people in these countries. Obviously, the US also makes sense ... but to do all of this I need time to work on it, which means, you guessed it, money to allow me to do this. So, support me now, keep in the know via my updates, and as soon as you can switch your support to a tax deductible way that helps you out a little while helping me, I'll be the first to encourage you to do so!

I would really appreciate it if you could share this page.
Every little bit helps!

61% complete
This would pay for electricity for the office - without power we have no power to enact world change! 
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