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Every video I upload on my YouTube channel is always scheduled at least the day before. So now you will get to know what it's going to be about before it even comes up! You'll also get to take part in polls or conversations I have on here. 

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About Claire Margaret Corlett

Hi! My name is Claire Margaret Corlett and I'm a Canadian actress and creator living in Los Angeles. You many know me from my voice on My Little Pony, Dinosaur Train, Barbie movies, or Bob the Builder. Or possibly from my face in Before I Fall, Siren, or The Murders. 

You're probably wondering... what do I do outside of working in films? I make my own... and I'm here! I'm here on Patreon, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat creating & editing my own content like fun vlogs and the odd short film or sketch. I upload only the most entertaining videos every Saturday on my channel — so subscribe! 

So... what is it that I'm popping up here? On Patreon? Well! I'm looking to do a lot of great things, but my main goal is to get help with an EP. Yes, I sing & play music. But my forté?Comedy. I'm combining my love of music and my talent in comedy to create a super fun and silly EP to release into the world. "But what's after that?"  one might ask. To that, I answer: music videos! Those are pretty expensive, so I'll work on hiring producers before we go straight to videographers. 

So that's me! Welcome! Thanks for reading this long-ass message and for (hopefully?) supporting me. It means the WORLD to me to get the opportunity to be helped in creating content I KNOW you'll love. Please remember, if you have any questions EVER... I'm here! Shoot me a message or comment on my posts and I'll be sure to answer you :)

Thank you for everything,
Claire Bear.
58% complete
Music covers, demos for all of the songs that will eventually go on my EP.
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