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is creating a podcast and webcomic about women with swords!

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The French term for the beautiful, small and light but essential foil in fencing. Your support is so beautiful to me and I thank you! Here is for you:

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The Italian rapier is deadly precise, cutting through to the heart...just like YOU are reaching MY heart right now! Here is what you get for that:

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Hi everyone! Welcome to my page!

I am a half-French half-British art historian, curator and queer activist working to make museums and heritage more accessible to LGBTQI histories using my research, exhibition skills and sometimes...drag. And in parallel, I am a fencer and a baby beginner in well as an artist and writer! My interests include cheese, the Rose of Versailles, and swordssss.
And as you may have gathered, I am a little bit obsessed with women with swords. Researching them, drawing them, writing about them...being one...(or trying!). Bonus points for sword lesbians, feminist badassery and queerstories on the LGBTQI spectrum.

So...what content am I creating around women with swords? I'm glad you asked! Both storytelling, but in very different ways.

One is a podcast, called Bustles & Broadswords where I talk about women with swords throughout history, art and culture. So we brush on non-fiction, but also the legends and lore of sword ladies. And there are SO many stories out there! So I'll be telling them to you so we can explore swordswomenherstory(?) together!

One is a webcomic, called Girls' School of Knighthood, in which we follow the adventures of Cassidy, who tells the tales of valiant women knights...but is she ready to become one herself? This is pure fiction, but it is the queer swashbuckling drama-romance-cloak and dagger with a dash of shojo story I've always wanted to tell!

Both are projects that have just started - B&B on its Episode 0 and GSoK on its first few pages. So I am excited to share this dual-wielding adventure with you! I want this page to be a cool blend of non-fiction sword lady facts and awesome feminist queer fiction and representation.

A note on under 18: "Girls' School of Knighthood" will not contain dangerous or "adult" themes apart from, know...fighting with swords. This said, Bustles & Broadswords will have more bloodthirsty and slightly scandalous stories (pearl clutch!). Some listener discretion is advised depending on your age and sensitivity (I won't swear on it though!) (as in I won't swear...on the podcast...literally). So that's where the "adult content" comes in. I do not want to censor my work, but I want to make sure you know both works have the same passion for sword ladies, but quite a different tone! This said, all episodes of B&B will have content warning if I feel they need them due to sensitive topics.

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