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this tier will enter you into a monthly random drawing to own one of my original pieces. these are the ground rules:

1. drawings will be held on the 14th of every month. i will announce the winner in a post on that day and then message them privately to work out details. the names will obviously be chosen at random, but if you happen to win twice in a row your name will be removed from the drawing for ONE month ONLY to make sure things can be distributed more evenly.
2. right now since i don’t know what the response to this will be i am doing one drawing a month, but if the number of supporters increases enough i will also increase the frequency of the drawings to every third week, then every second week etc. i will keep all supporters notified of these changes if/as they happen. i will also be planning random things for all supporters, such as test stickers/prints, exclusive pictures of studies and sketchbook work that i don’t post etc.
3. currently i am working full time while studying art on my own. while i hope to someday have an art-related career, i don't expect to be able to live off of my personal art. the purpose of this patreon isn’t to pay my bills or groceries or support me full time. any proceeds will be used to help with buying pens, paint, craft supplies, books, and other things that will help me to make more and better personal projects which i hope to continue to share with you!

4. this is an experiment!! i am planning this as carefully as possible to try and make it worthwhile for everybody involved but i am one person and cannot guarantee that issues will never arise. please notify me of any concerns you may have but please also be aware of what you are investing in
5. last but not least...i have no idea how many people, if any, will be interested in this so if after six months i have five or less supporters, as thankful as i will be for them, i will have to stop because it won’t be financially practical to keep going.




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About clairiat

Hello! I am an aspiring artist from the US. I am currently studying art independently and hope to have a career in it someday, but I really love creating personal pieces as well. This patreon is designed to be a way for me to sell these originals in an affordable way in order to help support my personal projects. I am mainly inspired by retro sci-fi, children's literature, high fashion, and pop surrealism and normally work with ink, markers, and watercolors. By supporting my tier you will be entered into a monthly drawing to have one of my pieces as well as some other exclusive stuff. :)