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(Yes, that's a "little" me in the upper corner --- I've been imaging worlds that far outreach my own for a very, very long time.)

Who am I...

I am a creator! For as long as I can remember I have been reading, questioning, exploring, crawling through the dirt, climbing up sap covered trees, drawing, taking photographs, dancing in the rain, traveling, loving, watching, listening, and observing everything and everyone around me ... and then letting my imagination run wild as I write it all down to share my story.

Through my adventures I have discovered that writing comes as naturally to me as breathing. And, it is through that breath, that I started my journey into creating novels. 

What I Write: For the moment, mainly fiction. I have completed my first self-published trilogy - "The Siren's Sea" - centered around three dastardly, beautiful, intricate heroines with a secret to tell and lives to save set in a historical era where pirates run rampant and the seas are untamed. I am now undertaking my fifth book of a completely different (fictional) genre.

Also, I am compiling the backlog of blog articles I have written (totaling 5 years and counting...) into books known as my "Blog Spot" Series - my posts are about ...well... life.

Everything I write aims to discover the beauty within the madness. Hopefully my words will make you think, ask you to challenge yourself, serve you by letting you know that no, you aren't the only one, and to instill the value of change because, yes, if "they" can do it, so can "we".
And, there is usually more than one way to do something. Which leads me to...

So, Why am I here?

I am ready to try something new, better, different, and to change-up how I do things. I am ready to be a self-sustaining, self-published writer with greater connections to individuals who love my work or would love to support my work. I have an incredible mentor who has guided me through the self-publishing process and it was with his encouragement that I signed-up for Patreon.

My Goal:

Honestly, I need help supporting my writing habit :)
I am seeking the time and freedom to be able to focus on my art. I want to make writing my more prominent "day" job. 

Your Patronage would allow me to:
  • Expand my advertising coverage
  • Distribute my books to bookstores
  • Schedule book signings (near and far)
  • Benefit from the professional services of a graphic designer
  • Procure a professional editor
  • Launch a Book Tour
  • Produce & distribute Podcasts
  • Be able to attend conferences pertaining to my field and make greater connections
  • Pitch my screenplays (or potentially fund an independent screen adaption)
  • Improve my writing (because I would now have the freedom and the time to do so)
  • Produce more and faster (so that you can enjoy it quicker!)

I can't do this alone --- and that in itself is a wonderful revelation because no one can. It takes a group of like-minded individuals working together towards a common goal for any one person to succeed.

How Patreon Works:

Patreon is a monthly support system. You, as a patron, agree to pledge your support at (x) amount per month and, depending upon your support level, you will receive various benefits in thanks for my gratitude.

Whether you support me here or through purchases of my novels, I thank you in advance for taking the time to get to know me and my passion in life.

I wish you the best of luck upon your path and thank you for crossing mine.
-Clare Angelica

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  • 1 Video Chat per year with me = this is a free-for-all; ask questions, speak candidly, and have fun with like-minded people.
  • You will be able to join the Private Facebook Group to connect with our community
At $2500/mo these rewards will kick in for Patrons:
  • Once yearly video chats will be replaced with Quarterly Video Chats
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  • Story Collaboration : help me with those plot twists and turns.
At $5000/mo these rewards will kick in for all Patrons:
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  • Receive rough, unpublished copies of my work to critique
  • Acknowledgment in finished works (get your name in there, but you can also opt out of this if you'd like to remain anonymous)
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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