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Thank you SO much for supporting me! In this tier, you‘ll pick my next look I post on my Instagram page (@clarezmua) and be tagged in the post. 

It can be anything you’d like to see, be it inspired by a character or mood, a transformation, full face of rhinestones, you name it, you’ll get it!




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About Clare Zarichny

Hi y’all!
First things first: THANK YOU, SO SO MUCH if you decide to become a patron. I don’t expect anything at all, really. Makeup is my passion, of course, but at this stage in my life, it can’t be much more than a hobby. If this goes anywhere at all, I’d love to begin creating so much more. Through patrons like you, the time and money to spend, and some good old hard work, this can become a reality someday. Thank you for even checking this page out!

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