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About Clarie Gor

I am a creative writer of both fiction and non-fiction. I also dabble in poetry. I am a feminist/womanist. My writing is largely influenced by this. My writing is introspective, vulnerable and hella relatable. 


I mean, I can't really create work if I'm starving or homeless so this should help.

My writing, other than being necessary part of of my existence and continued aliveness, it is also a medium that offers representation and understanding to an intersectional demographic: African(black), women and/or members of the LGBTQIA+ community.

My experiences(some notably unhumaning) and how I navigate society have been influenced by my African-ness; my woman-ness. I am aware, that for the vast majority of this demographic, our experiences, and the humanity we've been accorded or not, has been filtered through our identity markers: race, gender, class, sexual orientation, body types, ability and so forth. 

So I write because if I don't nobody will tell my stories. Nobody will care that I lived and and carved out a space for myself in this space and time: a corner that I made my own. I write because I know people like me deserve to read about stories that resemble theirs; that they deserve to look up from pages thinking, "I know what this means."

Please stay:)
Read my work at Clarie's Ramblings.

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Once  I get this amount, I'll buy a new laptop(preferably a macbook.) My current laptop is old and  falling apart which means at any one point, I may not be able to write those pieces you all love so much. 
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