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About Clarissa Littler

Hi! I'm Clarissa Littler and I'm a writer, educator, and former researcher in physics and computer science.

In my day job(s), I teach youth programming, CS theory, and game design. I like to think I do this well, but there's so much more I want to make that's not so easy to find funding for.

What I want is to teach both youth and adults how to understand and control the computational world around them: from the theoretical beauty of lambda calculi to the pragmatics of making your own smart speaker, from theorem provers to administering a server! I want to work on convivial curricula for maker spaces, where people learn the importance of shaping the technology around them and learn the why and wherefore of how it all works. I want to include the humanities and philosophy in teaching computer science and tech skills, to tear down the siloing that I find ultimately destructive.
If that sounds ambitious, that's because it is: it'd be the work of a lifetime, which is why I need to get started now!

My first goals are pretty modest. I want to start creating educational YouTube videos and getting back to my technical blog at My first YouTube series is going to be tutorials on the open source fantasy console TIC-80 ( I think it's an awesome tool for teaching programming and game design that deserves to have a curriculum built around it! My second planned YouTube series will be on making type theory and programming languages like Idris more accessible to the new or inexperienced programmer.

If I get enough support through this patreon I can expand beyond just "writing and recording when I can" and start working on the bigger and more ambitious projects: project-based curricula for makerspaces, more accessible UI for proof assistants, teaching philosophy through interactive fiction, or contributing to the TIC-80 code base!

Your donations will help me start building this broad and interconnected world of free and open source curriculum, tutorials, and teaching software. I want everything I make to be open, accessible, and freely available to anyone who needs it. Thanks for reading this far, and if any of those ideas sound cool, or exciting, or like something you just want to see exist in the world, then—if you can—consider donating to help me make them real!

Supporters will get shout outs in videos I make, early access to educational materials, or access to software repos before they're ready to go public!
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At $100 a month I can have a regular budget for buying electronics or crafting components for making cool hands-on projects!
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