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is creating Humbly Sharing the Original Nature of Chinese Medicine
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About Classical Chinese Medicine Society CCMS

Please join us on our journey as we humbly attempt to share the history, development and original nature of Chinese Medicine.

CCMS was created with the hopes of bringing 'the lost treasure' of Ancient Chinese Medicine back into modern day society.

Our mission is to serve humanity by conveying traditional wisdom which emphasises the importance of:

- Self cultivation.
- The universe being an energy system.
- The connection of man and cosmos.

We feel deeply grateful for the opportunity to do our part to present some of this wisdom to the modern world.

With Love CCMS.
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To create a retreat centre where people come to learn hands on about these ancient practises and wisdom.

This donation amount would allow us to to rent out a facility so this could become a practical reality for our team to carry out.
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