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Buy me a beer or two as a thanks. I appreciate the gesture and thanks for helping support this behemothic task. Cheers!




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Ahhhh... Remember that epic track from that game? Yeah I know! You used to play it on repeat using the sound test options just like I did. That's how we did things back then. Scrolling through those options trying to find the correct track or using that FREE cheat code to unlock it. If only there was a way to listen to it now...

If you are viewing this then you probably love video game soundtracks as much as I do and I am sure you agree that you would like to keep them going for future gamers. I am attempting to create thousands of retro game soundtrack videos from literally tens of thousands of tracks so that gamers from past, present and future can enjoy them. So that YOU can have access to THAT soundtrack, long lost to the cartridges of history.

If I make one video per day, as i have done for the last 5 years or so, i will still be uploading retro soundtracks in another 5 years time. But i need the help of real gamers like you, those who were there, those who can appreciate the music along with me. Each video takes time and effort and every one of you who becomes a patron assists me in the final level boss-sized battle to get these videos out.
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If I can reach $100 a month, I will get the channel branded with new logo, header etc.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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