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My name is Takara J. Aikens and I've been a dedicated artist for 11 years (and a kid who just loves to draw for even longer!)
I've never loved any other craft as much, and with your help, I'll be able to support myself and continue doing what I love to do.

I'll be using Patreon to provide you, my Patrons, with exclusive access to content such as :
  • WIPS
  •  Sketches
  • Real-Time Process/Speedpaints
  • Early Access Art / Future Comic Pages
  • Discounted Commissions
  • Free Requests
  • Occasional Step-By-Step/Tutorials
  • Occasional Resources
With your support, I'll be able to create and showcase my work, without having to look to a day job for income and sacrifice precious time I could be using to create art for myself and all of you.

Why support me?

Well, if you love art, fantasy, positive POC-representation, or all 3, I'm exactly what you're looking for!
Nearly all of my art is geared towards positive POC representation within fantastic settings, such as my created worlds, glittered with magic and interesting species at every turn.
You'll find my concepts and see how my brain works (and maybe even learn a thing or two in the process)! 

Have a peek at some of my content down below! :

Thank you for your support, 
and as always, remember :

☼ Creatiღn Is First Imaginatiღn ☼
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Thank you for your support!! At 100$ a month, I'm able to work towards providing more consistent content for my projects and resources for you, my patrons.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 17 exclusive posts

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